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Signs of a Bad Vehicle Starter

When the starter in the vehicle goes bad, the vehicle will not start. It seems simple enough, but considering that many other problems may cause the same exact problem, it’s not always easy to detect the trouble being with the starter. However, there are a few signs that indicate the problem with the vehicle lies with the starter. Learn the sins below and if any of them appear, be sure to call for apopka auto repair at once.

Signs the starter in your vehicle has gone bad and probably needs a repair or a replacement:

·    Noises: If you notice a grinding noise, then it is indication that the starter drive gear is worn out or that it is failing to engage. Do not ignore the sound because it can cause severe damage to the vehicle.

·    Oil Soak: Oil soak occurs when engine oil and other drivetrain fluids leak down onto the starter, decreasing its lifetime. Proper vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent this problem from occurring.

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·    Freewheeling: If you hear noise coming from the started when the vehicle is not cranked, the starter gear is not properly engaging with the flywheel. This is another major problem that can wear the starter out and cause need for a replacement.

·    Smoke: Smoke is an immediate cause for concern for any driver, so do not wait to get someone to look at your vehicle if you start the car and then see smoke coming from the starter (or underneath the hood.)

Choose a good auto repair center to repair or replace the starter in the vehicle when and if that time comes. The signs above are among the most common indicators of starter trouble that you shouldn’t ignore. It is your car; your pride and joy. Keep it running beautifully with this information!